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About Andrew

   Andrew started doing magic at the early age of 7 when he received his first magic kit for Christmas and that is where his magical journey began. That single magic kit would set the stage for what would eventually be a lifelong love of magic and a dream to be one of the biggest names in magic. With every trick in his magic kit perfected, Andrew’s mother took him to a magic shop in Illinois one summer, and those tricks eventually formed the foundation for Andrew’s first performances in front of family and classmates. By the age of 13, Andrew started performing at birthday and Christmas parties around his home town of Aurora, Illinois. Andrew now at the age of 23, performs close-up, cabaret, and stage magic for all ages and occasions full time. With school out of the way, where does one find Andrew when he is not creating, producing, and practicing magic? When Andrew does have a free minute he enjoys spending time with friends, maybe a movie here and there. “So much of my life revolves around magic that it’s just nice to put it all aside and be with my friends.”

    What does the future hold for Andrew? More magic that’s for sure. “I do it to see a smile on people’s faces. Seeing their looks of amazement, hearing their laughter, and knowing I’m making a difference in their day, even if it’s only for a short period of time. Those are the greatest highlights of being an entertainer and that’s why I love it. I want people to see my show and enjoy every single moment. That’s the reason I’m always pushing myself harder, to give people what they want.”

About the Show

   Whether you have a small group in a townhouse, hundreds of people in a large banquet room, or a theatre looking for an amazing production, your guests will experience magic that looks like magic, and mind reading that everyone will swear is the real deal. Andrew doesn’t perform cheesy tricks, it is all high-end, mind blowing magic!

   Andrew will give every member of the audience an experience! The audience doesn’t just watch the show… They are part of the show from beginning to end!

   When you hire Andrew you’re not limiting yourself to a performer with only one set of skills for entertaining your guests. Andrew blends the skills of a magician, juggler, and mind reader into a unique and entertaining show thats sure to amaze and captivate every one young and old!

   Andrew will make sure you’re comfortable with every step of the process. From booking to follow-up you’ll be happy. Andrew will arrive early to your event, stay on site, and deliver a great performance. You may have a lot of things on your mind the day of your event, but worrying about Andrew won’t be one of them.